Ready to fill your XELJANZ prescription?

Here are some things you can do.

The prescription process can vary from person to person. For more information about pricing, including what out-of-pocket costs may be for your XELJANZ prescription, please visit

Follow these tips to help minimize delays.

Confirm With Your Healthcare Provider’s Office

Ask if and where your prescription has been sent. Save the name and phone number of the pharmacy for future reference.

Your insurance provider and plan often determine where your prescription gets filled and your cost.

Sign Up For Savings & Support Information

You may be eligible to pay as little as $0/month for your XELJANZ prescription.* XELSOURCE can help you find out how.

*Eligibility required. May have annual savings up to $4,000-$15,000 depending on insurance. State and federal beneficiaries not eligible. Terms and conditions apply.

Keep In Touch

Be on the lookout for communication from the pharmacy—by email or a call or text from a number you don't recognize—to confirm important details and schedule pickup or delivery. It’s important to answer the call or promptly respond to help minimize delays.

Check In

The process can take some time, but if you haven’t received your medication after about 2 weeks, you should contact your healthcare provider’s office to ask about the status.

Be Proactive

If you’re already taking XELJANZ, remember to check that your supply of pills on hand and refills will cover you until the next visit with your healthcare provider. Avoid interruption in treatment by speaking with your healthcare provider before your medication runs out.

Pharmacist pulling prescription from inventory

Retail vs. Specialty Pharmacy—What’s the difference?

XELJANZ can be filled by both retail and specialty pharmacies. Your insurance provider and plan often determine where your prescription gets filled and your cost.


Specialty pharmacies manage medications which treat chronic, complex, or rare conditions that may require special directions for use, have unique shipment or storage conditions, or offer comprehensive patient therapy management and support. Typically, these medications are delivered to you by mail or courier. Clinical staff at the specialty pharmacy can be reached by phone to answer questions or concerns.


Retail pharmacies are community pharmacy locations where you can go visit in person and consult with pharmacy staff, pick up or have a prescription delivered, and purchase over-the-counter medications and other goods.

How Do I Fill My XELJANZ Prescription?

Follow These Steps

Healthcare provider and patient reviewing chart

XELJANZ Prescribed

You are an important part of the process to fill and receive your prescription. Although you may ask to have your XELJANZ prescription sent to the pharmacy of your choice, your insurance provider and plan may require that it be filled at a specific pharmacy.

Healthcare provider using tablet

Rx Sent

Once your healthcare provider has decided to prescribe XELJANZ, the office will send your prescription to a pharmacy or XELSOURCE to start the process. Ask where your XELJANZ prescription will be filled and save the name and phone number for reference. Call your healthcare provider’s office if you have questions.

Woman talking on mobile phone

Co-Pay Savings

If you're eligible, you can register online for XELJANZ Co-Pay Savings.

However, if you need additional support understanding your insurance coverage, confirming your out-of-pocket costs, obtaining Prior Authorization, or getting connected with a patient portal to monitor the status of your XELJANZ prescription, call XELSOURCE at 1-844-935-5269, Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM-8:00 PM ET.

Pharmacists reviewing computer

Insurance Approval

Often, insurance providers require additional approvals known as Prior Authorization (PA) to be completed before your prescription is filled. These approvals may take some time to complete and may require additional information from your healthcare provider's office.

Pharmacist on telephone

Pharmacy Contacts

The pharmacy may reach out to confirm important details, payment information, and to schedule pickup or delivery. The pharmacy may try to reach you from a number you do not recognize—it’s important to answer or promptly respond. If you have a XELJANZ Co-Pay Savings Card, share your card information with the pharmacy.

Medication bottle and pill


Once the prescription is filled, you can pick it up or have it delivered from a local retail pharmacy—or coordinate delivery from a specialty pharmacy.

If you haven’t received your medication within 2 weeks, call your pharmacy or healthcare provider’s office to check on the status.

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