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Your doctor wants you to be as open, direct, and clear as possible when it comes to discussing what you’re experiencing. Here are a few questions you can ask your doctor:

What is the Most Important Risk Information I need to know about XELJANZ or XELJANZ XR?
I have heard that XELJANZ or
XELJANZ XR is an UNJECTIONTM, one of a number of oral treatment options that is not an injection or infusion. Could it be an option for me after trying TNF blockers?
If some XELJANZ or XELJANZ XR patients felt an improvement in RA symptoms at 3 months, do you think I could experience similar results?
XELJANZ or XELJANZ XR can help stop further joint damage. Why is this important?
What side effects might I see with XELJANZ or XELJANZ XR?
Do I have any risk factors that may put me at higher risk for serious side effects?
What should I do if I forget to take my medication as prescribed?