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We reached out to the following adult patients with moderate to severe RA, or moderate to severe UC who were prescribed XELJANZ after TNF blockers did not work well or could not be tolerated. Learn about their journeys on XELJANZ by exploring their stories below. Individual results may vary. Patient ambassador stories have been created in partnership with Pfizer.

Meet Stephanie

Meet Stephanie

Diagnosis: Moderate to severe ulcerative colitis

Stephanie had a life that involved crafting, doting on her pets, and taking vacations with family and friends. A sudden illness on one of those trips would lead her to a diagnosis of moderate to severe UC.

Meet Stephanie

The impact of XELJANZ

After Stephanie was diagnosed with moderate to severe UC, it took a while for it to sink in. She kept talking to her doctor to better understand what she was facing. Over the years, she was prescribed a series of different medications, including a TNF blocker, which eventually stopped working. Stephanie couldn’t get her symptoms under control—and felt like she was starting all over again. But she refused to settle. That’s when Stephanie and her doctor knew it was time to consider other treatment options and, after discussing the benefits and serious side effects, they decided she should try XELJANZ.

Now, nobody’s worried about me having to sit down or run back home. So, it’s the simpler things that I really enjoy most.”

Stephanie noticed an improvement in her UC symptoms after a month of taking XELJANZ. After a while, she was seeing less blood in her stool, less frequency and then eventually she was in remission.* With XELJANZ, Stephanie has been able to manage her UC symptoms—and is eager to start new adventures.

*Individual results may vary

Life goes in ups and downs. Someone told me once that the greater the down, the bigger the up is going to be. It's absolutely true.
- Stephanie
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tephanie in focus

Stephanie in focus

Stephanie has an artist’s spirit and a heart for adventure. She enjoys everything from making jewelry to planning trips to places she’s always imagined exploring. She believes that a creative spark of inspiration can ignite anywhere—a dream. An emotion. But to Stephanie, life’s best moments are the simple things: walking her dogs, visiting family, even doing common household chores. She’s looking forward to finding more inspiration in her life.

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