Patients in Focus

Patients in Focus

A Closer Look at Real Patient Stories

We reached out to the following adult patients with moderate to severe RA, or moderate to severe UC who were prescribed XELJANZ after TNF blockers did not work well or could not be tolerated. Learn about their journeys on XELJANZ by exploring their stories below. Individual results may vary. Patient ambassador stories have been created in partnership with Pfizer.

Meet Michael

Meet Michael

Diagnosis: Moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis

Michael started figure skating when he was eight years old. For the next decade, he represented the United States in figure skating competitions all over the world. Michael actively pursued skating at a professional level until he launched his career as a fashion designer, with his designs being inspired by his time on the ice. In design school, Michael noticed his lines were becoming shaky when sketching and he was experiencing fatigue from his RA. He visited a rheumatologist, who diagnosed him with moderate to severe RA.

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The impact of XELJANZ

As Michael’s condition progressed, he tried several medications, including TNF blockers, which did not work well enough to manage his RA symptoms. Michael’s rheumatologist suggested XELJANZ, and explained the benefits and serious side effects. Together, Michael and his rheumatologist decided that he would try XELJANZ.

My RA symptoms are more controlled.”

Over time, as XELJANZ began working for Michael, he saw improvements in his joint pain and swelling, and he felt less RA fatigue.* With his RA symptoms more controlled, Michael found daily routines and certain activities were easier for him to complete. He was able to fulfill school and work commitments, and keep up with social engagements.

*Individual results may vary

I could look forward to doing many of my favorite things.
- Michael
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Michael in focus

Michael in focus

Michael enjoys sewing, styling, and sketching new fashion designs—and he looks forward to getting out of the house to rollerblade, hanging out by the pool, and visiting friends and family.

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