Patients in Focus

Patients in Focus

A Closer Look at Real Patient Stories

We reached out to the following adult patients with moderate to severe RA, or moderate to severe UC who were prescribed XELJANZ after TNF blockers did not work well or could not be tolerated. Learn about their journeys on XELJANZ by exploring their stories below. Individual results may vary. Patient ambassador stories have been created in partnership with Pfizer.

Meet Lisa

Meet Lisa

Diagnosis: Moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis

Lisa loves going off the beaten path and taking in the local experiences when she travels. When she was diagnosed with moderate to severe RA, she wondered about the impact of her condition on activities she enjoys, like traveling. Lisa started taking methotrexate, but her symptoms of joint pain and swelling progressed. Then, Lisa tried a TNF blocker, but it didn't work well enough.

The impact of XELJANZ

After reading an article about XELJANZ, Lisa decided to ask her doctor about it as a treatment option. After discussing the benefits and serious side effects with her doctor, Lisa started on XELJANZ. Her RA symptoms began to improve within several weeks.* She noticed less swelling in her hands and eventually helped her to feel less fatigue from her RA.

*In clinical trials, it took up to three months or longer for some patients to see improvement.
Individual results may vary.

I’m looking forward to creating some new memories.
- Lisa
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Lisa wanted to do and enjoy more

At the time of her diagnosis, Lisa’s kids were in middle school and she was looking forward to high school graduations, proms, and traveling. For her, the most important thing was creating new memories with her family.


Lisa in focus

Lisa in focus

Lisa is focused on more than her RA symptoms. She enjoys yoga, spending quality time with her family, and creating new memories.

Be kind to yourself. Show as much grace to yourself as you can afford to others. It’s okay to say, “No, maybe next time,” without feeling guilty.
- Lisa
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