Patients in Focus

Patients in Focus

A Closer Look at Real Patient Stories

We reached out to the following adult patients with moderate to severe RA, or moderate to severe UC who were prescribed XELJANZ after TNF blockers did not work well or could not be tolerated. Learn about their journeys on XELJANZ by exploring their stories below. Individual results may vary. Patient ambassador stories have been created in partnership with Pfizer.

Meet Ashley

Meet Ashley

Diagnosis: Moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis

Growing up, Ashley was naturally athletic, and excelled at cheerleading and softball. But in college, she started to experience swelling, stiffness and joint pain after playing sports. After Ashley saw several doctors without an accurate diagnosis, her grandmother and aunt—who were both living with rheumatoid arthritis—suggested she see a rheumatologist, who diagnosed her with moderate to severe RA.

As Ashley’s condition progressed, she tried different medications—including a TNF blocker, which did not work well enough for her.

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Ashley in 5k walk

The impact of XELJANZ

Ashley and her rheumatologist had an open and honest conversation about her goals and treatment plans. And, after reading an article about XELJANZ, she felt empowered to ask her doctor if it might be right for her. Ashley and her doctor discussed the benefits and serious side effects of XELJANZ as a treatment option and together, they decided she would try XELJANZ.

Having a condition like RA doesn't mean you have to give up things that are meaningful to you.”

After she started taking XELJANZ, Ashley gradually noticed less joint pain and swelling, and eventually felt less fatigue from her RA.* With encouragement from her husband, a personal trainer, Ashley started walking on the treadmill and eventually registered—and completed—her very first 5k walk. Walking across the finish line is something that she will never forget.

*Individual results may vary
Talk to your doctor before starting any exercise routines

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Once you get on a treatment that works
for you, it can make a difference.
- Ashley
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shley in focus

Ashley in focus

In addition to the new activities she’s trying, Ashley is also looking forward to reconnecting with nature through hiking and birdwatching. Spending time in nature has always been a source of inspiration for her—and has helped keep her feeling fulfilled.

Learn more about XELJANZ and prepare to talk to your doctor about whether it might be an option for you.
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